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12 | English | History of Novel 1

On first novel, mostly objective questions will appear , here are some questions set s for practice

History of novel questions practice sheets

Type 1 : Question Set :
Choose the correct option:

1. Tale of Genji was written by
a. Geoffry Chaucer                    b. Malory 
c.  Jhon Bunyan                         d. V.S.Naipul

2. A Novel is relatively a ………………narrative.
a. Long                                           b. Descriptive 
c. Short                                           d. Very long 

3. Pilgrim progress was written by………………….
a. Mary Ann                                  b. Jane Austan
c. John Bunyan                            d. Aphra Behn

4. The word ‘novella‘ is derived from …………..language.
a. Italian                                       b. French
c.  American                                d.  Polish

Type 2:
Match the following :

Column A                                            Column B

a. Virgil                                               1. Aphra Behn
b. Oroonokn                                      2. Dan Quitoes
c. Mignel D e                                     3. Miss Marple
d. Harper Lee                                    4. Ecologues


Type 3:

Write chronic order

1. The rise of middle class
2. Popularity of Novel
3. Drama and poetry shed charm
4. Industrial Revolutionary 

Type 4:

State whether true or false

1. Today novel is recognized as the most dominated literary genre.
2. A novel is relatively short narrative fiction.

3. Rajmohan’s wife was the first novel in English written by an Indian.
4. Theme is the central idea the novel.

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