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Std.12 | Poetic Appreciation | She Walks In Beauty

Here is the poetic appreciation of all the poems of std 12th , useful for students. this question appears for four marks, and it is compulsory, You have to learn or you can use it in your language

Poetic Appreciation of All Poems of std 12 th
She Walks In Beauty

About the poem / Poet/title:

This poem is written by Lord Byron , it is an ode written in praise of an unknown woman who is undoubtedly very beautiful. Lord Byron is known as one of the greatest English poet who uses English language effectively. Here he describes the beauty of an unnamed woman.

Theme of the poem:    Beauty is the main theme of the poem apart from other certain themes. Features of the woman like eyes, cheek, brow, tresses colour of the skin is praised throughout the poem. Inner beauty is also regarded as a prime factor to bliss the outer beauty. One of the themes is harmony and balance. The beauty is compared to many elements like heaven, cloud, clear skies. light etc

Poetic Devices, language, style:    The poem is full of poetic devices like alliteration, personification, metaphor, antithesis etc. The example of simile is like the night, alliteration is cloudless climes, starry skies. The example of antithesis dark and bright add effect to the theme. The language is simple and lyrical. The beauty is not only external but also internal as the mind is calm, the heart is innocent and tender.

Special Features – tone and type:  The tone of the poem is simple and lucid dedicated to all poetic features. This ode (type of poem) is dedicated to an unnamed woman expressing the features of her beauty. Actually the concerned woman is unknown, but her beauty is greatly glorified. 

My opinion of the Poem / Message :   The poet gives a vital message insisting that inner beauty is more important than outward appearance. Inner beauty is divine as external beauty is transient. 

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