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Std.12 | Poetic Appreciation | Small Towns and Rivers

Here is the poetic appreciation of all the poems of std 12th , useful for students. this question appears for four marks, and it is compulsory, You have to learn or you can use it in your language

Poetic Appreciation of All Poems of std 12 th
Small Towns and Rivers

About the poem/ Poet/ Title:    One of the most eminent poetess Mamang Dai has written this poem dedicated to the beauty of nature specially the river and its features. She belongs to Arunachal Pradesh and has played a key role in the nature saving campaign. In this poem, she describes a landscape and its immortal features where river is the most dominant factor.

Theme:     The poem begins with the concept of death which is quite shocking for the readers. It mentions that the town reminds the poetess about death. life is called as temporary and rituals are permanent, which is very true. The mentioned town is changing constantly but development is quite active.

Poetic device, language and style: we find the poem in personified tone as the river is personified by giving human qualities. We find use of metaphor in the poem  in sentence like the river has a soul. The sentence – is the wreath sad? shows transferred epithet. There is an example of alliteration in examples like want to walk with the gods. The poem is written in free verse. The language is easy to understand the theme.

Special features – tone and type:  The poem forces us to introspect about our injustice towards nature and its beauty. We are responsible for the destruction of our nature and invites a grim discussion about it.

My opinion of the poem/ message : After reading the poem , we realise that we have still time to come to ground to save our god gifted nature.  Our greedy nature is spoiling this beautiful nature specially the rivers. Our so called progress is the enemy of nature.

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