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50. Worksheet / ClassTest – Basic Concepts In English Grammar_Test2

1.I am very ………………..of my dog. *
a) fond
b) like
c) grateful
d) founder
2.There is great (calm) before the storm. *
a) noun
b) adjective
c) verb
d) preposition
3.He undertook a systematic (search). *
a) noun
b) verb
c) adjective
d) adverb
4.Prakash read the story. *
a) Simple Present Tense
b) Simple Past Tense
c) Simple Future Tense
d) Present Perfect Tense
5.Pearl oysters are found in many part of the world. *
a) Simple Past Tense
b) Present Continuous Tense
c) Past Perfect Tense
d) Simple Present Tense
6.He wished he ………………..a king. *
a) were
b) is
c) was
d) had been
7.The dog ………………at night. *
a) barks
b) bark
c) will barking
d) are barking
8.Bachelor (Identify the feminine gender of the given word) *
a) Spinster
b) monk
c) nun
d) lady
9.Identify the feminine gender of the word ‘Master’. *
a) Mister
b) Mistress
c) Mastress
d) Mistres
10.Come and sit there. (Identify the subject in the sentence) *
a) come
b) there
c) come and sit
d) you
1. A. Fond
2. A. Noun
3. A. Noun
4. B. Simple Past Tense
5. D. Simple Present Tense
6. A. Were
7. A. Barks
8. A. Spinster
9. B. Mistress
10. D. You
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