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70. Worksheet / Unseen Passage 2

Here is an unseen passage useful for students

 Importance Of Good Company

           It is rightly said good friends are God’s greatest gift. Our friends play a great role in the development of our life and our career. It is said we are what our friends are. Friends are responsible for our construction and destruction. If we possess good friends, surely our life will be fruitful. Good invites good , and of course bad invites bad, in the same way good friends give nourishment to our life.

            lucky are those people who have good friends. Someone has rightly said, one good book is equal to hundred friends, but one good friend is equal to a library. Whatever bad habits are observed in certain people, they are the greatest gift of their bad friends. It is very interesting to say, our mind is always inclined to bad without delay but it takes a long time to develop good habits. Take example of school friends, there are only two to three friends with a clever student, whereas there may be gang of bad friends, it shows that bad invites more than the good one. When we have bad habits, we generally blame our bad friends, actually we should blame ourselves. No one can spoil us without our permission, that’s why  if someone invites us to join bad company, it is our complete choice to join it or not to join it. Firstly we should be mentally strong, we should know the difference between good and bad, once we know this difference , no one can dare to spoil our life. Good company may not entertaining but its fruits are always favorable. Bad friends always give us temptation to join bad deeds, but we should know their intention before joining them. Actually every friendship begins with certain selfish purpose, if some one invites us to join bad company, surely they have the plan to make use of either your weakness or strength. Sometimes bad friends use sweet words to please us and good friend use rough language ,but we should have wisdom to know them properly. Good friends always point out our mistake on face and appreciate us in our absence, whereas bad friends appreciate us on face and make fun of us at our back. 

         Good friends limit their contact with you and always advise you for our good, that time its our skill to understand them but it is commonly found that people dont respect those people who tell their mistakes on face, generally they like the people who appreciate them on face. The fact is that praise to face is an open disgrace. Bad friends always use this skill of appreciation or flattery to please others. Good friends sometimes seem to be straightforward and practical minded, but they are very affordable for us to develop our personality.

        School and college students should be always careful regarding their company because this is the age when they adopt good or bad company. Bad friends always invite bad for us and we should confirm this fact. The bad habits like drinking wine or liquor, smoking, thefts, and many bad habits are the greatest gift of bad company. One bad person always tries to involve many people with his deeds, in advance we should know such people and alert ourselves before spoiling our life. Many times we dont listen to our friends  but we listen to our friends, such a great impact of friends is observed in our life. 

     So possess good friends and make your life a wonderful phenomenon.

Q Answer the following questions in four to five lines

  1.   Mention any four advantages of good friendship mentioned in the extract
  2. Mention any four evils of bad company mentioned in the extract
  3. Which bad habits are mentioned in the passage
  4. How do bad friends try to influence us?
  5. Who can mould our life? How?
  6. Which thought on friendship from this passage appeals you a lot ? why?
  7. Why should we be away from bad company?
  8. After reading this passage , do you find any change in your approach towards friendship ?
  9. Suggest any suitable title of your own for this extract
  10. who, according to you, is a real friend? Justify your answer


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