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Alternatives for I am Happy / Other ways to Say I am happy

In English there are various ways to express same expressions, here are some of the ways to express happiness.

Some other ways to express Happiness

  1. I am joyous
  2. I am very pleased
  3. I am stoked
  4. I am over the moon
  5. I am ecstatic
  6. I am too bloomed to express in words
  7. I am thrilled
  8. I am as happy as a lark
  9. I am buzzing
  10. I am delighted
  11. I am on cloud nine
  12. I am like a dog with two tails
  13. I am stoked
  14. I feel like flying over the clouds
  15. I am full of mirth
  16. I am so happy that I am afraid my heart would come out of my jersey
  17. My heart is dancing in air with happiness
  18. I am beaming
  19. I am so glad
  20. I feel myself flying in the sky like a bird with happiness.
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