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Animals and their Young Ones

There are specific names for the young ones of animals, following is the list of such young ones of animals.

Animals and their young ones
1. Cat kitten
2. Cock cockerel
3. Horse foal
4. Ass foal
5. Sheep lamb
6. Hen pullet
7. Cow heifer
8. Bull calf
9. Deer fawn
10. Dog puppy
11. Duck duckling
12.Pig piglet
13. Elephant calf
14. Whale calf
15.Eagle eaglet
16. Owl owlet
17. Goats kid
18.Goose gosling
!9.Horse colt
20.Mare filly
21.Frog tadpole
22.Bird nestling
23.Hawk bowled
24.Lion cub
25.Bear cub
26.Fox cub
27.Tiger cub
2 8. Swam cygnet
29. Kangaroo Joey
30.Bird birdie
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