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Classroom Etiquettes For Students- How To Talk to Teachers

Generally we blame the school kids for not using formal disciplinary language in school but we should admit that if we don’t teach them how to use language, how can they know about it.? It is necessary to teach the students how to talk to teachers, as in English, every expression belonging to tense or modals has certain protocol regarding mannerism , here are some expressions that students are expected to use in classroom to maintain the phenomenon of discipline in the classroom. It is duty of teachers to teach these to students instead of blaming them later.

classroom etiquettes , how to talk to teachers

Classroom Etiquettes for Students:

Firstly if possible , we should take prayer in the class before beginning the first lecture as it creates a spiritual atmosphere inviting peace of mind for the students. It also helps to acquaint the school or college atmosphere as students come from their home atmosphere and they would experience sanctity of school or college

As the teacher arrives in the class, students should gently stand and wish the teacher with a  gentle smile saying, ” Pleasant good morning sir or madam.”

 Following Polite Expressions  are expected from  the students in the classroom:

  1. Excuse me sir or madam, may I come in?  ( Instead of, can I come in?) As may is more polite than can.
  2. Before asking any question or query in the class, the student should firstly raise his hand  inviting the concerned teachers attention instead of standing abruptly and asking doubt disturbing the continuity of teacher’s teaching.
  3. As the teacher notices your raising hand and gives you permission to ask doubt , gently stand at the place and say, ” Sorry to disturb you sir while teaching, I have a doubt in this question or point, is it the right time to ask you or may I ask later?”
  4. If the teacher allows you, politely ask the query or doubt, even if you are not satisfied with his clearance, you should ask, ” Sorry sir, Pls elaborate the point again, I am  a bit confuses.”
  5. When you are satisfied with his explanations, just say, ” Thanks sir , I am satisfied, my doubt is cleared, once again sorry to disturb you meantime.”
  6. Never try to dominate any teacher by appreciating other teacher’s teaching, as every child is special, every teacher has certain limitations, you can clear the point  by giving just reference of other teacher but in a very positive manner saying, ” sir , pls don’t mind, that teacher taught the same point accordingly, just we are confused about the correct answer.”
  7.  Sir , Would you arrange a class test on this topic to strengthen our command on this topic? ( For request to elders, use would in stead will as would is more polite than will)
  8. Madam,  Would you arrange our class trip as we are sick of burden of studies?
  9. If you don’t mind, May we dare to request you for subsiding our homework?
  10. Sorry sir, today I have not done my homework, I wont tell a lie, really I forgot to do homework yesterday , pls pardon me for it, next time , I ll be more careful.
  11. If possible , sometimes students should give compliments to the teachers for their teaching to boost their confidence saying, ” Sir or madam, you taught this concept in a very easy way, we immediately understood, thanks sir or miss .”
  12. When the lecture gets finished, students should gently stand at their place and thank the teacher for the teaching saying, ” thanks sir or miss, have a  great day.”
  13. Before entering the staff room, the students should take prior permission of the concerned teachers.
  14. While going to home, wish the teachers whom you come across on  the way to school bus.
  15. Very Important, for request to teachers, use would instead of will

    for ex: Sir , Would you repeat the point ? ( Instead ,Will you repeat the point?)

    For seeking permission, use may instead of can

    For ex: May I ask a doubt sir? (  instead, Can I ask a doubt sir?)

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