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Correct the incorrect, spot the errors

here are sentences having incorrect nature, try to correct it

Q spot the errors 

  1. My friend along with his parents were present.
  2. Hardly had he came here when they started celebration.
  3. I and my friends were present for the function.
  4. I prefere coffee than tea in the morning.
  5. He not only teaches maths but also sci.
  6. The students hired a bus for its picnic.
  7. All over the world people are speaking English.
  8. He is good at mathematics 
  9. I am angry with your performance.
  10. He would go back to his word.
  11. It is in 1985 , that I played cricket.
  12. He told the servant that he will give him payment tomorrow.
  13. Would you please tell me where can I find the post office?
  14. I have few friends who always help me.
  15. Lets go to party, will you?
  16. Its very cold to tolerate.
  17. It is  a plant that attracts insects.
  18. I wish my friend was here
  19. These flowers smell sweetly
  20. Hardly he came when we were shocked.
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