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Curd – Blessing for Health

Curd is really a blessing for health, here are the nutritional benefits of curd from health point of view

Generally curd is preferred by every one because of its sour- sweet taste. It is used in many recepies. Curd or yoghurt is supposed to be a blessing for our health because of its healthy peculiarities. That’s why nutritionists  strongly recommend curd or yoghurt to maintain good health. Let’s discuss its healthy features.
Health Benefits of curd:

1]    Curd contains vitamin B 12 which helps to prevent anemia and to purify blood.

2]    According to the experts, consumption of fat free curd is good for the mechanism of the heart.

3]    Take example of south people, they involve curd in their diet, reason is very clear, curd helps for good digestion.

4]    Curd contains plenty of calcium helpful for the strength of  bones, teeth, nails, muscles etc.

5]    Consumption of curd maintains the balance of cholesterol level in our body.

6]    Protein is found in curd which helps to build our body mechanism.

7]    Curd application on hair helps to get rid of dandruff from hair.

8]    Curd improves the shining of our skin providing necessary nutrients.

9]    Buttermilk extracted from curd is supposed to be the best drink for digestion.

10]   Curd mixed with gram flour is the best face back.
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