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Daily Use English Sentences – I

Here is list of some expressions used by English speakers used

I am busy.
How are you?
Do you need anything
See you next time
Did you get it?
No, I don’t want
Can I ask you something?
Are you done?
Don’t worry
Come on
Cheer up!
So so
Don’t move!
[ don’t agree.
I am tired.
I can’t wait
Allow me
So l do
See vou
I don’t have time
Enjoy yourself
Don’t be so childish

It’s up to you
Good night
It’s none of you business
You are going too fast
It’s very thoughtful of you
Come with me
Good afternoon
Stop making such a noice
I apologize
Have a good trip
Good morning
I admire you
They like each other.
Have a good weekend
I’m sorry.
God bless you
It doesn’t matter.
Let’s catch up!
You are wasting my time.
I feel much better.
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