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English Determiners
* A determiner is a word that determines or limits the noun that follows it.
* A determiner is a kind of adjective but there is one important difference with a few exceptions, determiners don’t have the three degree of comparison as adjectives have.
A) Few / a few
1. Sorry we have few holidays.
2. Yes there are a few holidays.
3. I can’t do I have few options.
4. They can do. They have a few friends.
5. It’s impossible there are few options.

B) Little / a little
1.  She can’t pay. She has little money.
2. I will help. I have a little hope.
3. I have little rest, I can’t go.
4. Come fast there is a little time.
5. Sorry I have little expectation.

C) Use a / an / the
1.  It is an FM radio.
2.  Rose is a lovely flower.
3.  __ Cotton is used to make cloth. (No article)
4.  Thief was sent to __ Prison. (No article)
5.  The Hindus worship idols.
6.  The flowers are very beautiful.
7.  The girl with long hair is my cousin.
8.  Don’t use fire ___ for it. (No article)
9.  It is a one rupee note. 
10. I am proud of students. ___ (No article)
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