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E-Mail Writing

Nowadays e mail writing has become common, it is prescribed for all school syllabus, here is a format and examples of e mail writing

First Paragraph 
(Reason for the mail, introduction of the subject) 5-6 lines.

Second Paragraph
8 – 10 lines
Details about subject related content

Thanks Regards

Yours faithfully,
Name /ABC

                                                                                     Attach Files                    Send

Your class has planned to visit Tadoba sanctuary.  Write an E-mail to the forest officer checking permission and asking for formalities.

Inbox                                 Mar 04, 2022
Outbox                       To       : tadobaforest @gmail.com
Compose                   From : jayambition@gmail.com
Draft                           cc        : ……………………..

  Subject : About permission to visit Tadoba.

Respected Sir,
         I am Jay class representative std.XII Mahatma Phule College, Latur. I am writing to seek your permission to visit Tadoba Sanctuary and fulfill formalities.
          We are a group of ten students. We have planned to visit Tadoba Sanctuary, study birds and wild life. We are going to visit in the month of April, just after our exam. We want to stay there for three nights.
           Could you please send all the details or formalities? As we get your mail, we will fulfill them.
          Expecting positive response from you.

Yours Faithfully,

Name / ABC 

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