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EGO Spoils Our Life (15. A Motivational Story)

Here is a story that tells how ego or evil pride always spoils us and ruin our life, a motivational story for those who protects ego and pride.

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         Once there was an island, there used to live all the qualities bravery, goodness, patience, kindness, cruelty, love, nervousness, sympathy, anger, peacefulness .Ego etc, in short there were good as well as bad qualities. They used to live peacefully , better say good qualities always take care of bad qualities and digest their aggression. 

       Once there was a great storm, all decided to go to another island, a safe place. They invited a boat for their travelling. As the boat came, all started to jump onto the boat, all qualities hurriedly jumped onto the boat ,except Ego as it was angry that he should be allowed to take the boat first. All were calling Ego to come, but ego was not ready to come as he was in great annoyance for not respecting his request to join the boat first. All the qualities convinced him but ego was not in mood to listen, the storm was encompassing the island. At last ,love who was on the boat, jumped down and convinced Ego, still Ego was not in mood to listen. All the qualities were calling Love to join the boat, but Love was still convincing Ego. The boat left the shore and went away but Love was still convincing  Ego. Lastly the storm gulped the island  spoiling everything, and Ego and Love lost their lives.


Where Ego or Evil Pride is active, Love doesn’t exist or dies, thats why a person who has ego, he spoils all the realtions and his own life, ego invites anger, jealuosy and many bad qualities

We shouldn’t possess ego because ego kills Love for others

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