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English Grammar | Adverbs

The word that qualities adjective and verb is called adverb, here are the types of adverb

adverb and its types

The word that qualifies adjective and verb is called Adverb.

Types of adverb:

1. Adverb of place:
   The verb is asked where.
   a. Come here
   b. Along with
   c. Move down
  d. Come in|
  e. Walk backward

2. Adverb for time
    It shows when.
   Ex. before, after, soon, never, late. already, daily, refularly
   For Ex. 1. He comes everyday.
   2. She daily asks me.
   3. We frequently go there.

3. Adverb for Manners
    These adverbs shows that how or in what manner.
    Ex. He fought bravely.
    She sings melodiously.
    They cry loudly.

4. Adverb for frequency
    These adverbs show how often.
Ex. He always helps me.
       He never tells a lie.
       They seldom come here.
      We ready see this.

5. Adverb of Negation
    He does not call me.
    He has not any doubts.

6. Adverb of Degree
     It indicates how much.
     I am too happy.
Ex. She is quite lazy.
       I have very happy.
       I have enough food.
       I have almost done it.
       It is rather good.

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