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English | Present Tense

S+V-1, V-S, Ves
1. They work a lot
2. He works a lot.
When to use ‘s’ or ‘es’ form to the verb?
1st Person        2nd Person      3rd Person
         |                       |                      |
     I, We                 You                    |
        |                        |
Singular                Plural
He, She, It              They
Boy, Girl             Boys, Girls
Note: When subject is third person singular take ‘s’ or ‘es’ form.
Ex.       He studies a lot.
             She helps me.


                      When to use

1.  For routine action

     Ex. I get up early.

2.  For showing habits.   

Ex. He always tell lies.

3.  For daily action

     Ex.He everyday comes at 7 a.m.

4.  For universal truth

     Ex. The earth moves around sun       

5.  In Proverbs

Ex.Empty vessel makes much noise

6.  To Express actual action.

Ex.Here he comes.  


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