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English Worksheet – Degree Of Comparison

Here are some examples for practice for Degree of examples for the students

Degree of comparison practice examples

1]    Temperature is one of the most important physical factors.
Ans:  Temperature is more important than most other physical 25factors. (CD)
2]    The most disturbing was a report on the condition of chil­dren employed by           zari factories.
          (Rewrite the sentence beginning with ‘No other…………..’)
Ans: No other report was as much disturbing as a report on the condition of children employed by zari factories.
3]    Leaving Reed college was one of the best decisions I ever made.
          (Make it positive degree)
Ans: Very few decisions I ever made were as good as leaving Reed college.
4]    Wellness is much more than die absence of illness.
Ans: The absence of illness is not as much as wellness.
5]    It is one of the oldest railway buildings. (Change into positive degree)
Ans : Very few railway buildings are as old as it.
6]    It is the biggest review of planets life support systems.
          (Rewrite into Comparative Degree)
Ans:  It is bigger than any other review of planets life support systems.
7]    His products are better than somebody else. (Change into positive degree)
Ans : Somebody else products are not as good as his product.
8]    Deserts are among the most interesting places on the globe.
          (Rewrite the sentence beginning with’ Very few………….’)
          Very few places on the globe are as much interesting as deserts.
9]    The rhea is smaller than the ostrich. (Change the degree)
Ans:        The ostrich is not as small as the rhea. (PD.)
10]   The Gangetic plain is one of me most fertile and densely populated regions         in the world. (Change into CD)
Ans:  The Gangetic plain is more fertile and densely populated than many/most           other regions in the world.
11]    A foolish friend can be more dangerous than a wise enemy.
Ans:   A wise enemy cannot be so much dangerous as a foolish friend. (PD)
12]      The food is one of the most essential factors in building and maintaining           health.        (Change into Comparative degree)
Ans:  Food is more essential than many other factors in building and maintaining           health (CD)
Ans : Very few factors in building and maintaining health are as essential as the           food. (PD) ).
13]      These can withstand very low temperatures better than an adult animal or           plant. (Change the Degree)
Ans: No adult animal or plant can withstand very low temperaturs as good as    these.
14]      Everest is one of the highest peaks in India.
Ans:  Very few peaks in India are as high as Everest. (PD)
Ans: Everest is higher than many other peaks in India. (CD.)
15]   Ruchira was the best pupil. (Change the degree of Comparison)
Ans:  Ruchira was better than any other pupil. (CD)
          No other pupil was as good as Ruchira. (PD)
16]       These little worms are the fanners best friends. 
          (Change the degree of comparison)
Ans: These little worms are better than any other friends of the farmers.(CD)
          No other friends of the farmers are as good as these little worms (PD)
17]      His products are cheaper than somebody else’s products.
 Ans : Somebody else’s products are not as cheap as his products.
18]     The Ganges is one of the longest rivers in India.
          (Change into Comparative degree)
Ans: The Ganges is longer than many other rivers in India. (CD.)
Ans: Very few rivers in India are as long as the Ganges. (P.D.)
19]      It was the most difficult situation. (Change into Com. degree)
Ans : It was more difficult than any other situation.
20]      It’s the hottest drug in teen town.

          (Rewrite the sentence beginning with ‘No other…………..’)
Ans:  No other drug in teen town is as hot as it.

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