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English Worksheet – Prepositions

1]      Most children remain…. school….the ages of six and sixteen.
          (Rewrite using appropriate prepositions)
Ans:  Most children remain at school between the ages of six and sixteen.
2]      He sailed across the sea and landed on the shores.
          (Point out what the underlined prepositions suggest,
Ans:  1. Across- movement            2. On-place
3]      We completed the work…. Thirty minutes and then left…. Station..
(Use suitable preposition)
Ans   We completed the work in thirty minutes and then left for the station.
4]      The main drawback…. The area is its distance… the railway station
          (Use proper prepositions)    
Ans : The main drawback of the area is its distance from the railway station.
5]      Fill in the blanks with proper propositions.
          We have a break…. tea. We start again…. 3.30 p.m
Ans:  We have break for tea. We start again at 3.30 p.m.
6]      The assembly is composed… members chosen… direct election.
 (Fill in the blanks with roper prepositions)
Ans:  The assembly is composed of members chosen through direct election.
7]      The boy was looking… the hoarding which was, just…. his school building.
          (Use proper prepositions)
Ans:  The boy was looking at the hoarding which was, just beside his school building.
8]      Every man is conditioned… the age… which he lives.
          (Fill in the blanks with proper prepositions.)
Ans:  Every man is conditioned by the age in which he lives.
9]      A massive non-co-operations movement was.. full swing all .. the country.
          (Use suitable prepositions)
Ans:  A massive non-co-operation movement was in full swing all over the country.
10]    My sincere thanks… all the people… the Visava Bharati family. (Fill in the blanks with proper prepositions).
Ans: My sincere thanks to all the people of the Vishva Bharati family

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