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God Helps those who help themselves – A Motivational Story(17)

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Once in a certain forest , a swarm or group of honey bees was searching for the place to install their hive. They couldn’t find a suitable place for it, actually they were searching for a big tree . Suddenly they saw a peepal tree. They requested the peepal tree to give place for their hive but the peepal tree arrogantly rejected their request. The queen of the bees requested again and again but the peepal tree didn’t listen to her and answer arrogantly.
  The honey bees were very upset , suddenly they saw a mango tree, they approached the mango tree and requested for giving place for their hive , the mango tree was kind and gladly gave permission for their residence. The bees built the hive and settled happily. 
  One day some woodcutters came to cut  a big tree, they were happy to see a mango tree and as they were about to cut the tree , they saw the bees in the branches and their hive. One of the old woodcutter said,” Dear ones, if we cut this mango tree , the bees may trouble us and spoil our day, better we should choose another big tree.” The other woodcutters agreed and respected his advice. After searching for short time, they found the big peepal tree, they liked the tree and started to cut it. The peepal tree felt very sorry while dying and spoke to himself,” If I allowed the bees for their residence on me, today I may save my life, I have got the fruit of my selfish behaviour.”

Moral:  We should try to help others, sometimes our help to others help us and indirectly we are blessed

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