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How To become Good English Teacher:

Teaching English in Indian school has become an essential or compulsory feature, teaching English for school students need certain skills or methodology as Indian students have different mother tongue belonging to various states, following strategies will help you to manage this skill

English is really an easy language to teach, just we have to adopt simple mechanism and skill, following traits should be used to teach English 

  1. Take Care of pronunciation:
    Pronunciation is the soul of English, we should be extremely careful about pronunciation while teaching English as language subject. For pronunciation , we should regularly update our listening skill, watch you tube videos in English, consult the language expert regularly.
  2. Make English teaching impressive: We should learn some good technique in teaching and add some innovative skills in teaching, keep in mind , we are teaching English which is a new language for the new learners, that why we should teach them respecting their mentality and ability.
  3.  Develop Your Vocabulary: If vocabulary is strong , English will be strong, we should learn at least 10 words a day, strong vocabulary will develop your confidence.
  4. Have Mastery on Tenses and its applications : If tense is perfect, English will be perfect. Tense is the soul of English, all English moves around Tenses, get command on Tense formulae and rules.
  5.  Articles, Modals, and Prepositions should be strong: Yes it is true, these three topics should be strong, these topics are responsible for good English, if one has command on these three topics, he will get command on English.
  6. Improve Your teaching Skills: Teaching is an art but the English teacher shouldn’t teach English as an art , should teach as a passion, if passion is strong , Impression will be strong. Learn new techniques of teaching skills like good lesson plan, proper layout of lesson teaching.
  7. Respect Students mentality: Students like stories, interesting things jokes etc., apart from teaching lesson , tell some interesting stories to students, sometimes arrange small programs for students , students like such things, from such programs , language skills will be developed.
  8. Follow good strategy : Follow good strategy while teaching lessons, poems, novel, writing skills. Consult good mentors time to time for teaching skills, their guidance will help you.
  9. Improve Your personality:  Teachers personality is the first impression for the students, a teacher should be very careful of his personality, his costume, his hairstyle, his speech  , his mannerism etc play a great role in teaching skills.
  10. Respect child psychology: It is very important for a teacher to respect child psychology, they are children belonging  10 to 20 years, a teacher should be aware of child psychology, this psychology will be helpful to improve teaching.
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