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Indirect speech Examples for Practice

Here are some exercise on Indirect speech for students

Q  Change into Indirect Speech

He said, ” I am tired today.”
Ans: He said that he was tired that day.

He said to her, ” You have challenged me.”
Ans: He told her that he had challenged her.

  1.  Rohit said to his friends, ” I am going for morning walk everyday.”
  2. Rashi said to Tanvi, ” Why are you dancing with me?”
  3. Prerna said to Kalyani, ” I want to go to school today.”
  4. Dev said to his brother, ” You cannot challenge me in wrestling.”
  5. Jugraj said to the teacher, ” Today you have cleared my doubts . “
  6. Ruturaj said to Devansh, ” You have changed your nature. “
  7. Riddhi said to Shourya, ” I am  doing my homework. “
  8. Shrinivas said to his friends, ” I am watching pogo at present.”
  9. Sanjog said to Anushri, ” I eat more than you.”
  10. Ruturaj said to krishna, ” You have to work hard.”
  11. Pruthvi said to pushkar, ” I want to be a doctor in future.”
  12. Harsha said, ” I promise you that I will study hard.”
  13. Yuvraj said to Tilak, ” Why are you late today. “
  14. Shikha said to Prachi, ” Breeza is my most favourite car. “
  15. Kaushal said to Nishant, ” Why have you snatched my vadapav?”
  16.  Amar said to Harshal, ” You have to help me in my studies.”
  17. Manthan said to her friends, ” You dont know how popular I am.”
  18. Vedika said to Pari, ” When will you bring Parathe for me?’
  19. Gaurav said to Kanishq, ” You are as silent as I am.”
  20. Shlok said to Darpan, ” We dont need to apply powder.”
  21. Himanshu said to Hrushil, ” You are eating idlis alone, You have to share to me.”
  22. Shatakshi said to Ishita, ” We both dont eat properly.”
  23. Sheweta said to Rahi, ” I will give you new mobile.”
  24. Rehan said to Shyam, ” The mangoes that you gave us are very tasty.”
  25. Sandhu said to Tanishq, ” I will become a great engineer.”
  26. Arnav said to Sukhman, ” I dont like to talk a lot.”
  27. Rupam said to Raunak, ” We will go to school today. “
  28. Heer said to Palak, ” I eat more than you.”
  29. Mitali said to her sister,” You shouldnt touch my dolls.”
  30. Manvi said to Harsha,” we will study properly this year.”
  31. Laxmi said to her friends,” I will help my friends.”
  32. Diya said to Gauri, ” You should eat properly for your health.”
  33. Harshal said to Ayush, ” I like to go to my maternal uncle’s village.”
  34. Hiten said, ” I will join class now.”
  35. They told the teacher,” You have to study properly.”
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