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Life Is Never A Chapter OF Problems ( A MOTIVATIONAL Story 19)

Here is a story that will change your thinking about problems , as many people consider problems as challenges of life but certain problems can be solved by our attitude

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Once in a certain college, there was a professor , he was very popular among the students as he was very kind to the students. He used to understand them, solve their problems and respect their emotions.

  One day while teaching he noticed that one of the students seemed to be very upset and disturbed . He went to him and asked the reason of his annoyance. The concerned student said,” My life is full of problems, I don’t know how to tackle them, I try my best to solve them but I cant .”

The professor took him to his home. After some time ,he came with  tomato soup for him. As the student tasted it , he tasted it very salty, the professor asked him,” What happened?” The student replied,” It is somewhat salty in taste.” The professor said,” Don’t worry, I ll prepare once again for you.”

The student said, ” No sir, just give me salt, I ll make it balanced.” The professor said,” You have got the solution of your problems, life is like this soup.” He added,” There are many salt based problems in our life but we have to add sugar based experiences to our life, then see our life will be balanced.” The student satisfied with this example and shed his stress.

Moral: Life is like soup, if there is salt in soup and if we add somewhat sugar, soup will be tasty, in the same way if we add some sweet moments or deeds to our life, our life will be comfortable and balanced

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