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Onion-Makes You Cry But Pleases Our Health

Nature has given us natural remedies for many ailments and diseases, onion of one of them, it is commonly used in kitchen in most of the dishes,. Here are some useful benefits of onion for our health.

Onion makes you cry but pleases your heart

Onion-:-  one of the most essential part of our kitchen has certain valuable and nutrition’s qualities. There are plenty of benefits of onion for  our health ,let’s discuss some of them.

1]        Constipation :- Onion contains fibers which help us to keep us
           away from constipation . Those who have constipation problem
           should eat raw onion
regularly , surely they will get benefits.

2]        Good for hair :-  It is said onion juice is a blessing for Hair. It
            maintains the
charm if our hair, it helps to relieve dandruff and
            also helpful for the growth
of hair.

3]        Diabetes :- It is said consumption of onion maintain the level of
that’s  why diabetes patients should eat onions regularly.
            Point to be  noted,
onion is not the remedy for diabetics but it helps
            to maintain insulin level.

4]        Heart :- Onion helps for the mechanism of heart, it improves 
Mechanism if eaten regularly. 

5]        Cholesterol: Onion contains amino acids which helps to save us
            from bad 
cholesterol and helpful to persist good cholesterol.

6]        Anemia :  Onion is also helpful to control anemia…

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