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Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions

1) My birthday is___November 25th.

2)  1 will call and see you___Sunday___three o’clock.

3) The work must be finished___the end of this week.

4) We are having a party___New Year’s Day.

5) She always went to see her parents ___Christmas.

6) I shall be back___about twenty minutes time.

7) They ceased work___sunset.

8) Christmas day is___December 25lh.

9) The second world war ended____1945.

10) 1 take up my new post____next April.

11) Shakespeare lived______the reigns of Elizabeth 1.


1) Blow_____the candles on the cake before you cut it.

2) He is down with fever_____last Monday.

3)  I will inform your brother_____his mistake.

4) 1 can not agree____your proposal of marriage.

5) The examination will commence_____Monday.

6) The spirit of morality pervades______all the poems of Wordswoth.

7) There is another side____this question.

8) The match starts_____3 o’clock.

9)  Put your signature____blue ink.

10) We should pray___God everyday.

11) The judge ordered that the criminal be put____death.

12) The city was plunged_____darkness due to a sudden power failure.

13) Man can not live____bread

14)  He is angry_____ me for not helping him.

15)1 have been awake____four o’clock.

16) The court sentenced him____death.

17) Do not quarrel____your neighbours.

18) Prakash had promised to wait____me near the railway station.

19)  She stepped____the water.

20) There was some confusion____the agreement.


1)  Vitamins are necessary__good health.

2) Mayuri jumped___the pool to save the girl from drowning.

3) Salads should look good___our eyes.

4) Spinach is full__vitamins and minerals.

5) Fruits and leafy vegetables are most important___maintenance of the body.

6) Good and nutritious food is key__good health.

7) Bhaurao patil was bom at Kumbhoj, a village . _ the banks of the river Warna.

8) He intervened___the behalf and explained the situation to the british Resident.

9) For several years he concentrated__for opening of Teacher training colleges.

10) Bhaurav.was admitted   __a Jain student’s hostel.

11) He also came__contact with Shahu maharaj.

12) Yash stood between Soumya and Shweta.

13) The UNO tries to maintain peace_____the nations of world.

14) The woodcutter cut the tree__his axe.

15) Raghav is man___principles.

16) Exercise is good___health.

17) Here is the book that you were asking____

18) What are you talking____?

19) Jaya was angry___Payal.

20) I didn’t think he would be capable___doing anything.

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