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Spoken English Day – 19

Questions From Was/Were

Was, were हे भूतकाळासाठी वापरतात.
Was म्हणजे होता.
Were म्हणजे होते.

* Was हे he, she, the boy इ.
   एकवचनी नामासाठी वापरतात.

* Were हे they, boys, girls इ.
   अनेकवचनी नामासाठी वापरतात.
१. तो फार आळशी होता.
He was very lazy.
२. तो माझा जिवलग मित्र होता.
He was my best friend.
३. तो तयार नव्हता.
He was not ready.
४. तो माझा शुभचिंतक होता.
He was my well wisher.
५. तो अजिबात स्वार्थी नव्हता.
He was not lazy at all.
६. नदी पाण्याने पूर्ण भरलेली होती.
The river was full of water.

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