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Std.10_Language Study Set – I

Here is a practice sheet for language stud

language study practice
Q.1 (A) Do as directed.(Attempt any four)  (08 Marks)
(1)       Complete the words by using correct letters.  (02)
            (i)       fa_ry  (ii)ea_th (iii) br_de  (iv) fa_al
(2)      Put the words in alphabetical order.(02)
            i)         Nature , space, birds, river
            ii]        Difference, doctor, dragon, damage.
(3)     Punctuate the following.  (02)
           i) He asked the bird what are you doing.
           ii) how easy it will be.
(4)    Make four words (minimum of 3 letters each) using the letters in the word ‘Environment’ (02)

(5)Write the related words as shown in the example. (02)
(6)Complete the word-chain of ‘adjective’. Add four words, each beginning with the last letter of the previous word.
Q.1 (B) Do as directed. (02 Marks)

1.    (Attempt any one)
(a) Make a meaningful sentence by using the phrase ‘To muster up courage’.
(b) Add a clause to the following sentence to expand it meaningfully.
2.  (Attempt any one)
(a)Add a prefix or suffix to make new (2 words)   (01)

(i) Complete — ___________(ii)  lucky — ____________

(b)Make a meaningful sentence using any one of the following words. (01)
(ii) Lucky:
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