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Std.12 | Small Towns and Rivers |

Set - 1

Q.1    Read the extract and complete the activities given below.

Small towns always,———————————————- ——————————————————————–are permanent.

The river has ,———————————————– ———————————————————————————————- of fish and stars.

A1]    Complete the web.

A2]    Describe
          Describe the river in the third stanza.
A3]    Personal response
            Most of the civilizations have flourished on the banks of the rivers. Give any four             reasons of it.
A4]    Poetic device       
           Write two examples of repetition from the extract.
A5]    Poetic creativity  
          Write a four line poem describing your native place.    

Set - 2

Q.1    Read the extract and complete the activities given below.

The river,————————————————————-house of the sun.

In the cool ,————————————————————- with the gods.

A1]     Make list
            Make a list or natural elements mentioned in the poem.


A2]     Elaborate
‘The river has a soul. ‘ Elaborate the concept in your words as the poet has explained it in the poem.
A3]     Personal response 
Write the changes that might have taken place when the cities grow on the banks of the rivers.
A4]     Poetic device 
Name and explain the figures of speech of the following and find another example of the same from the extract.
‘The river has a soul’.
A5]     Poetic creativity
Compose 4 lines on ‘Gift of the Seasons’.

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