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Std.12|Money|Activity Sheet|

Set - 1

Q.1    Read the extract and complete the activities given below. 

When I had money,————————————— ——– —————————————————————————False world know.

Much have I ,————————————— ——– —————————————————————————from morn till night.

A1]    Make a list
List the effects of poverty that the speaker experienced.

A2]    Explain
Explain the following lines.
For many a false man as a friend.
Came knocking all day at my door.

A3]    Personal response
Make a list of the good qualities of your friend.

A4]    Poetic device
Name and explain the figures of speech.
1] When I had money, money, O !.
2] Came knocking all day at my door.

A5]    Poetic creativity.
Compose four poetic lines on the theme of ‘poverty’


        Poverty I think is never appreciable 

        Challenging it is always graceful

        Being poor is never sin 

         Considering ourselves poor is always mean



Set - 2

Q.1    Read the extract and complete the activities given below. 
Extract : When I had money—————————————————- morn till night.

A1]    True or False

Rewrite the statements and state whether the they are True or False.

Correct the false statements with the help of the extract. 

A]      The poet knew no joy till he was rich.


B]      the poet felt that he should talk about his poverty.


C]      When poet had money, he had many true friends.


D]      When poet became poor he had a few real friends.

A2]    Give reason.

          Write reasons for the following statements.
          A]      Friends came knocking all day at the poet’s door.

Ans: It was because he was rich , his richness attracted many false friends . They came respecting the poets money  or better say they came to grab or utilize his money.

          B]      Poor men’s wives hum like bees.

Ans:  It is because they are free from any anxiety or influence of money. They just enjoy life singing the charm of life and their singing is compared with the humming of bees.

A3]    Personal response         
Give your idea about ‘Importance of money’ in 50 words.

Ans: It is very true or practically true that money is really important to some extent to run life smoothly , it doesnt mean that money is responsible to run life better. Nowadays all mechanism of life is moving around money , may be  for shopping or daily needs. Nowadays money has become our identity. 

A4]    Poetic device
Complete the following table.

Sr No.

Figure of speech

Line of the poem





___humming like bees______________






___when I had money, money, O______________



A5]    Poetic creativity
Compose four poetic lines on ‘friendship’.


                Friendship is the greatest gift of life.

                Friendship is divine, says my wife


               Friendship is  like the pores  of flute 

             We shouldnot make  its immortality dilute

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