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Std.XII | One Word Substitution

If vocabulary is strong, English will be strong, here is a list of one word substitution

one word substitution

1]      A careful preservation & protection of- Conservation

2]      A crying evil- A deep rooted evil

3]      A good explanation for one’s extraordinary behavior- Account

4]      A government by one man – Autocracy

5]      A hater of learning & knowledge – Misanthropes

6]      A man who receives guests- Host

7]      A millionaire A person – Who is very rich .

8]      A pen name allotted to a living writer- pseudonym

9]      A person studying the culture of primitive societies.

10]    A person who cannot pay off his debts – Insolvent

11]    A person who is indifferent to pain or pleasure – Stoic

12]    A person who is unable to pay his debts – Bankrupt

13]    A person with a bad reputation – Notorious

14]    A person working for money & reward- professional

15]    A remedy for all diseases- A panacea

16]    A room for storing grains- Granary

17]    A study of German literature- Gerministic Study

18]    A thing which is not soluble

19]    A vivacious person – lively

20]    A word no longer in use- Obsolete

21]    An office or a post with no work but high pay

22]    Contrary to accepted opinions – Orthodox

23]    Efforts done with critical awareness- Conscious efforts.

24]    Those who believe readily – Credulous

25]    Full power in the hands of one man- Autocracy

26]    Having much wealth – Opulent

27]    Highjacked- Carried away by force

28]    International destruction of racial groups.

29]    Looking forward hopefully- Expecting

30]    Marrying one husband or one wife at a time – Monogamy

31]    Murder of human being- Homicide

32]    One who begins something for the first time – A pioneer

33]    One who can speak many languages –linguist

34]    One who deserts a high religious post  – Apostate

35]    The system of government by paid officials – Bureaucracy

36]    One who draws or paints a picture- painter

37]    One who eats anything- Omnivorous

38]    One who goes through without permission – Trespasser

39]    One who is a great orator & leader- Demagogue

40]    One who is all powerful- Omnipotent

41]    The study of origin of words- Etymology

42]    One who looks at dark side of life- pessimist

43]    One who plans or designs building- Architect

44]    One who sells goods in small quantities- Retailer

45]    One who thinks of the welfare of women- Feminist

46]    One who visits planets – Astronaut

47]    One who walks on foot- Pedestrain

48]    Only the spoken language- Colloquial

49]    Power in the hands of parliament- Plutocracy

50]    The story of one’s own life written by oneself- Autobiography

51]    Put your energy for work- Act on

52]    Showing great strength- Herculean

53]    Substances which kill insects & germs- Insecticides

54]    That we cannot do without – Indispensable

55]    The place where cricket is played- Pitch

56]    The right to vote elections – Franchise

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