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The Shehnai of Bissmillah Khan

This lesson sheds light on greatness of Ustad Bismillah Khan and his contribution to Indian music , there might be hardly any auspicious function in India which begins without the music of Ustad Bissmillah Khan’s Shehanai

std 9 th CBSE Shenahi Of Bissmillah Khan

1]      __________ banned the playing of Pungi in the palace.
a]     Akbar         
b]      Aurangzeb
c]       Shahjhan
d]      Babur
2]      The word ‘nai’ refers to _________
a]     a potter
b]      barber
c]       goldsmith
d]      blacksmith
3]      The sound of Sehnai is considered____
a]     auspicious  
b]      inauspicious
4]      In childhood Bismillah khan used to go to _________temple
A]     Vishnu
b]      Shiva
c]       Laxmi
d]      Bihariji
5]      Highest civilian award is_________
A]     Padmashree
b]      Damabhushan
c]      Bharat Ratna
d]      Phalke award
6]      His father Paigambar was a great  _________player.
A]     Guitar
b]      Sitar
c]       flute
d]      Shehnai
7]      Ali Bux used to go to__________ temple to play shehnai.
a]     Shiva
b]      Vishnu
c]       Krishna
d]      Laxmi
8]      He played Rag___________ from Red Fort.
a]     Kaffi
b]      Bhairvai
c]      Tanam
d]      Vakra
9]      The film ‘Gunj uthi Shenai’ was directed by Bismillah Khan.
a]     true
b]      False
10]    He was the_________ to perform at the Lincoln Hall in the USA
a]     First
b]      Second
c]       Third
d]      Fourth
11]    He found the film world________
a]     natural
b]      artificial
c]       monotonous
d]      glamorous
12]    Bismillah Khan’s most favorite city was.________
a]     Delhi
b]      Mumbai
c]       Banaras
d]      Pune
13]    Bismillha Khan’s life was the perfect example_________
a]     Simplicity
b]      honour
c]       dedication
d]      Both A & C
14]    One of his students wanted him to head a shehnai school in _______
a]     England
b]      America
c]       France
d]      Germany
15]    According to Aurangzeb, The sound of shehnai was _________
a]     Pleasant
b]      Melodious
c]       Shrill
d]      Sweet
16]    Bismillah Khan’s greatest break was _______
a]     Playing shehani on All India Radio
b]     Visiting America
c]     Giving performance at Red Fort
d]      Receiving Bharat Ratna
17]    Bismillah Khan’s first trip abroad was to _________
a]     Afganistan  
b]      USA          
c]       Canada
d]      France
18]    Bismillah khan learnt to play shehnai from  ______
]     Ali Bux
b]      Paigamber Bux
]     Ustad Faiyaz Khan
d]      Ustad Ali Khan
19]    Bismillah Khan belonged to___________
]     Gujarat
b]      Madhya Pradesh
c]      Uttarpradesh
d]      Karnatakaka
20]    The Pungi became shehnai after it is being played in ______ chamber.
]     minister’s
b]      king’s
c]       Shah’s
d]      Queen’s

Answer Key
1]      b                 
2]      B                
3]      a                
4]      d                
5]      c
6]      d                 
7]      b                
8]      a                
9]      b                
10]    a
11]    b
12]    c
13]    d
14]    b
15]    c
16]    a
17]    a
18]    a
19]    b
20]    c

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