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Tips To Improve Personality.

Everyone wants to improve personality, actually it is the need of time . Nowadays we are very careful of our personality, here we are going to discuss about the traits of good personality.

There was time when  the definition of personality was limited to height, colour of our skin, dressing, etc , nowadays the concept of personality is changed, it has become a wide concept compared to earlier , lets discuss the traits or features relatated to personality, or better say lets discuss tips to improve personality.

  1. Dressing or costume: Yes it is true, our dressing is the first impression regarding our personality. Good and well defined dressing is liked by everyone, but dont forget your profession. While choosing dress , we should be careful about its colour and quality. One more important point, don’t forget our skin colour, yes this point should be underlined. Fair colour people can choose any dark shed, it suits them, but others should choose faint coloured dress.Skin colour is not in our hand but dress colour is surely in our hand.
    secondly, our dress should respect our profession. College students have the liberty to put on mutli coloured dress but official or formal class people should have limited options. Plain or checks colour dress is favorable for officials or professional people.
  2. Mannerism: mannerism is a very important aspect in personality, we should possess manners while talking or behaving with the people. Manners make a man, our manners is the most impressive part in our personality. We cannot define mannerism in one format, but with good training or reading books, we can learn techniques of good mannerism,.
  3. Eye Contact: Actually this is a very great concept or better say a complex concept. While behaving with gents and ladies , our eye contact impacts our personality, even while dealing with our boss or seniors , eye contact plays a great role. Through eyes , our nature is predicted, that’s why we should have good eye contact in communication. For example, while talking to our boss, we should have polite eye contact, he shouldn’t feel that you are just neglecting his instruction. We should  look into the eyes of the listeners , they should feel comfortable when you are looking at them. We should fix our eyes at their eyes in polite manner, it shouldn’t happen that you are talking with them and looking elsewhere, it will make poor impression.
  4. Smile: Believe it or not, smile adds beauty to improve our personality. A smiling face is liked by everyone, we should always keep smile on our face, it helps to make our listener comfortable. A pleasant smile in communication makes the communication impressive, it is rightly said, smile is the best cosmetics, smile invites smile, that’s why keep  pleasant smile on your face.
  5. Speech pattern: How we speak is solely responsible to improve our personality. While talking or speaking to others, we should be careful regarding the pitch of our voice. High or rough pitched voice is always disliked by all. While speaking, we should have soft and pleasant voice, the listener should feel comfortable while listening to you. Shouting loudly or speaking in high pitch is the symbol of lack confidence.
  6. Common Gestures: We should be extremely careful regarding common gestures as calling to someone, sitting styles, shake hands, sitting style etc. In every gesture or postures, we should be careful regarding etiquettes or mannerism. To improve this, we should have proper training or good company of people . our Walking style, talking pattern, looking style, hand gestures are all responsible to improve our personality.
  7. Some important features: We should be careful  regarding our hair style, regular shaving, handkerchief, etc. These are also the factors responsible for good personality. Our hair style should be according to profession, regular shaving for men signifies the personality. People watch you from top to bottom , that’s why we should be careful for minor things to improve our personality

    Sources to improve our personality:
    We have discussed the traits of good personality, now lets discuss the sources for all these traits.
    1. Good company:  Yes our friend circle or good company is responsible to improve our personality. We learn a lot from friends, good company can improve our personality.
    2 . Good Training: Nowadays there are good training centers to train your personality. Such training helps a lot , indirectly they give us good training to improve our personality.
    3. Books: We can get good knowledge from personality related books, the tips given in books can help a lot
    4 . You Tube Videos: Nowadays there are good videos on You Tube related to personality, these videos will be good guide for you to improve your personality.

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