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Here are some important questions on this novel and character sketch

to sir with love important points and questions

Q.1 Ferman was innovative and dramatic in his presentation. Justify.
Ans: When Ferman came on the stage , he signaled someone off stage. Two of his friends came with a skeleton. They were Welsh and Alison. They brought a skeleton with a sort of gallows. There was a skeleton hanging from a hook screwed into the top of its skull gently revolving at the end of the cord.
This invited a laughter from the audience.

Q.2 Half yearly report of the students council highlights the conduct of the narrators class. Justify.
Ans: Half yearly report justifies the efforts taken by the teacher and checks the digestion of knowledge among the students. The students came on the stage and represent themselves with their skill.
It starts from lower class to higher class. The narrator’s class was the last for the demonstration. His class performance was superb , miss Joseph talks about inter-depending of mankind. Potter showed his skill in mats. Ferman’s presentation was superb. Denham’s argument was appreciable.  
In short the narrator was immensely  satisfied with their performance

Q.3  Why was the writer anxious in the beginning of the programme?
Ans: In the beginning, the students troubled him a lot. They harassed him, bulled him and behaved arrogantly with him. In short, they didn’t respect him at all. Later on there were behavioral changes in them. They were well trained. They respected the teacher , followed his instructions. It was a great challenge for the narrator to tackle them but lastly, he was successful.
   The annual programme was the proof to test to skill of students.
Their presentation would be a testing of the narrator’s efforts.
   That’s why he was anxious.

Q.4 Miss Philips effectively handled the questioning session. Justify.
Ans : Miss Philips was considered frilly and brainlessl by everyone but her tackling of Denham’s argument changed everyone’s opinion. Denham was not in favor of taking PT in the class. According to him, it is simply a waste of time. He was aggressive in his opinion. He is blunt ,critical and dominating in his behavior in that argument. Remaining two teachers on the stage couldn’t tackle the aggression of Denham but miss Philips tackled him skillfully.
She reiterated that the school has to make timetable considering all students. Such activities are helpful to them when they leave the school. She express her views confidently and skillfully. At last Denham moves back in argument.

Q.5  Give brief character sketch of :
a)  Denham:
                          He is one of the most influential character of the novel. He is the compere of the of the programme. He tackles the stage with great skill. He is well mannered. He calls the girls as miss and performs all the stage activities with good etiquette. His argument on PT games shocks everyone. He stress-fully points that PT games are simply waste of time and expresses his opinion with good command. 
               Initially his tone is blunt and aggressive but later on he accepts his defeats politely.

2) Miss Philips 
                              Miss Philips was earlier considered as frilly and brainless but her stage presentation while tackling Denham changed everyone opinion. All came to know that she is well informed. When the two teachers on the stage showed helplessness while tackling Denham, miss Philips stands like a rock with her authority. She reiterates that school activities are prepared respecting all the students and PT’ is no exception. When students leave the school, they realize its importance . She was very confident to challenge Denham’s remarks, he was very critical and blunt but miss Philips was cool and Patient. 

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