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Types Of Adjectives

The word that qualifies noun or pronoun or tells about them is called adjective. Lets discuss its types


Types Of Adjectives:

Proper Adjectives:

Japanese, Indian, English, Punjabi

For ex: Indian people are hardworking 

I saw Chinese people

Interrogative Adjectives:  

What, which, whose

For Ex: 

Which flowers are available here?

What option is suitable for him?

Whose parents are present for meeting?

Possessive Adjectives:

my , his , her, its  their

For ex: 

I respect my teachers

I know about his problems.

Her parents are known to me

I know its side effects

Demonstrative Adjectives:

This , that, these , those

For ex:

These flowers are very popular

This man is very eminent

That case is solved skillfully

Those patients are shifted here

Descriptive Adjectives:

active, clever, brave, good, bad, tall, great, 

For Ex:

He is very brave to face the problems.

I met many active people in our area

It is a very bad conception

Numerical Adjectives:

a)  Cardinal adjectives: one, two, three, four  

for ex: I saw two saplings

There are four options

I found three diagrams wrong

B ) Ordinal: First, second, third, fourth

It is the first option

He was the second winner in that competition

Indefinite Adjectives:

no, many, few, some, several, different, all, enough, several

For ex: 

There are several doctors

There is enough sugar

We saw few options

I met all cops for it

He has no option.

There are different facts to cope up with.

Distrubutive adjectives:

Each, every, either, neither

Each student is asked for it

Every teacher was called for meeting

Quantitative Adjectives;

Much, little, some, any, all whole, enough

For ex: I want much sugar for these sweets

There is little water in the pot

I want whole grain for this dish

There is enough water to swim



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