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| Unseen Passages With Summery Writing |

Set - 1

Radium is one of the most amazing things in the world. It is continuously changing to form other elements. Finally, after many hundreds of years, what once was radium has become a form of lead. As radium changes, it gives off intense invisible rays, and light and heat. Because radium gives off light, it glows in the dark. In one hour it produces enough heat to melt one And one-half times its own weight in ice.  
Most of the radium in the world is prepared from pitchblende, a dark bluish mineral. Pitchblende is very rare and it takes thousands of tons of the mineral to produce only a few ounces of radium. You can understand, then, why radium is so  expensive  and  difficult  to obtain. Radium  is  so scarce, and the price for it is so high, that you could be millionaire if you owned only half a pound of it! The rays given off by radium are able to destroy certain kinds of dangerous growths in the body. For this reason, the main use of radium has been by doctors in an attempt to heal some kinds of cancer and skin diseases.

A1. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.
1. _______ is continuously changing to form other.
2. Radium is prepared from _______.
3.Radium is so _______ and _______ to obtain.

4. Radium glows in the _______.

A3. Find out words from the passage.
1. On and on: continuously Cure : _____________
2. To produce: ____________
A4. 1. Radium is one of the most amazing things in the world.
          (Change the degree)
       2.We can understand it (able to)
3. Pitchblende is very rare. (Make Exclamatory)
A5. What, according to you are the more uses of Radium?
B. Summary of the passage.

Set - 2

Dowry custom has been a curse for India. Now it passes a challenge which seems difficult to meet .It has proved to be a greatest curse for the poor classes of India. The birth of a girl is said to cost to the degree of Rs, 200,000 or above for the parents. Originally parents of the bride would give their daughters presents, ornaments and other necessary articles of daily use. These things were meant to contribute, according to their status to a happy family life. By and by the rich people of our society whom we call pillars of society, gave this custom a design to fill pockets of the parents of the bridegroom. In due course of time demand for the dowry became most essential condition of the marriage settlement. The demand in cash which depends upon the merit of the boy and the status of the family became a terror for the society Middle class people became main target of the attack. The devil of dowry has put an end to the happiness of several couples even after marriage.

Though India has a host of problems to tackle today, yet the biggest which the country is facing, is dowry. Dowry, in fact has destroyed our  economy.Today we  fix  dowry  rates  for boys of different categories doctors, engineers, Lecturers, businessmen, executives, administrative services etc. Merit of the girl has nothing to do  in  the  settlement  of  the marriage proposal. We generally see t ordinary parents find it difficult to select a boy well settled in life,  their girl who is well qualified and well versed with household activities.
A1. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

1. is the biggest problem faced by India today.
2. are called the pillars of the society.
3. became main target of the attack.
4. Dowry, in fact has destroyed our ……………………

A3. Write the same meaning words for :
1. Wish of evil………………………..
2. Jewelry : ………………………………
3. To demolish :………………………
4. Property brought by bride at marriage.: …………………..
A4. Dos as directed.
1. Dowry has destroyed our economy. (Change the voice) (Make simple future)
2. Dowry custom has been a curse for India. (Make negative)
A5. Do you think that dowry custom is harmful? Why?
B. Summary of the passage.

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