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Why don’t some students study? | Its Reasons and solutions

Its a general complain among parents that their kids dont study , there are various reasons for it, this problems can be solved with proper strategy and proper tackling.

Nowadays many parents are in great stress because their kids don’t study and they don’t get good academic score. As a result ,parents and their kids are always in stress, sometimes entire family suffers because of stress related to kids behaviour and study related problems.

Actually in this process, to some extent,parents are responsible for this situation but they don’t accept the reality and the problem becomes more severe.

Good parenting strategy and skill help to solve this problem

It is observed that students up to the age of grade 5th study under parents guidance and score good grades in exams but later due to certain factors , they get distracted from studies, in this case we shouldn’t blame the students but we have to blame the factors responsible for it.

Factors related to Students’ negligence towards studies:

  • Their friend circle or friendship :

    yes it is true , friends play a great role to develop our life , same as for students. When a certain student doesn’t study, sometimes his friend circle is responsible for it, if he falls into bad company, surely he distracts from studies. Bad company is sweet to adopt, but its fruits are very bitter. 

     Solution: Parents should be very alert regarding their kids friends, they should constantly and indirectly keep watch on their kids friends, if they find them unsuitable for their kids, with  good counselling they can divert their kids from bad company but at any condition , dont insult either their friends or insult their kids in front of his friends.

  • Excessive Use of Mobile:

    Nowadays it is a concrete analysis that many students are distracted from studies because of mobile. Mobile is a sweet poison for students, the features likes games, applications attract the students towards it. Mobile is an open world for them, when they get mobile ,surely they get attracted towards some evil games and programmes  which make them addicted to it. Many students are facing psychological disorders because of excessive use of mobile.

     Solutions; Parents should be extremely careful while giving mobile to their kids, many parents give mobile to their kids and get busy with their routine work. The kids take advantage of it , they watch such things which are not expected to them, as  a result their mentality and behavior get disturbed. The best way to be with the kids when they are using mobile. They shouldn’t give the reason of their time management for it.

  • Basic Concepts in Studies: Sometimes students basic concepts are not cleared in education or curriculum ,as a result, they lose interest in studies and they get less score in exam.

    Solutions: It is said , a father is equal to thousand teachers, if parents take proper care of their kids upto grade 7th, take proper care of their studies and keep regular communication with their kids teacher regarding their studies, surely they wont face any problems regarding their kids studies ,but for that, parents should spare some time for their kids studies. Once their concepts are cleared, the kids will take interest in studies and in higher grades , he studies with interest.

  • Physical fitness of kids:

    Believe it or not, physical fitness is responsible for students studies. If a certain child faces problems in studies, surely this factor should be checked. If a child is physically fit, surely he will be mentally fit because mental fitness is very important in educational phenomenon. Students suffering from physical weakness cant concentrate in studies. As a result, such students face problems to attain good grade in exams.

     Solutions: Parents should allow their kids to play with their friends or personally play with them if possible. Both will get benefits of exercise. they can admit their kids in good sports coaching Centre under guidance of good coach. If a child is physically fit, surely he will be mentally fit which help in subjects like sci and maths for applying logic.

  • Students basic interest and skills:

    Yes it is true, certain students have certain skills gifted by God, may be music, sports skills, acting, dance, painting etc. Because of this excessive passion, sometimes students don’t concentrate in studies and parents suffer great mental stress.

    Solutions: Students basic skills should be respected because they are God gifted and they attach with them with their heart beats. Parents should search such skills in their kids and respect them ,better say accept them. sometimes students do a good career by developing such skills.
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