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Words With Different Meanings

The same word has different meanings in different contexts. A study of the following examples will be found helpful:

Hold fast(firmly)
Run fast (quickly)
Fast friend(close)
Fast (to go without food)
Fast color(That will not wash off)
Sleep fast (soundly)
Live fast(extravagantly)

Board of Education(a committee)
Notice Board (a plank of wood etc.)
Board and lodging (food)
On board(ship)
To board a ship (to embark)
Above board(Open)

A capital city(chief)
A capital letter (opposed to small)
A capital hit(excellent)
Capital punishment(death)
Capital in hand(money)
Make capital out of(turn to account)

Hindi Character(script or letter of the alphabet)
Bad character(person)
Flattering character (testimonials)
In the character of (capacity)
Public character(conduct)

Close scholarship(not open to all)
Close quarter(near)
Close texture(danse)
Close attention(careful)
Close contest(nearly equal)
Close friends(fast)
To close a bargain(to settle)

Dead march(fuenral)
A dead language(not spoken)
Dead level(exact)
A dead letter(unclaimed: on outworn statement etc)
Dead color(dull, pale)
Dead of night(midnight)
Dead ball(out of play)
A dead shot(unerring)
Dead stock(unsaleable)
Dead loss(complete)
A dead beat(equality in race)

Fair sex(women)
Fair complexion(not dark)
Fair play(justice)
Fair progress(satisfactory)
Fair weather(sunny)
A fair judgement(Impartial)
Fair copy(legible and neat)
A fair question(reasonable)
By fair means(honest)
Baisakhi fair(mela)

Fine pencil(pointed)
Fine day(bright)
Fine arts(like music, painting)
In fine(to sum up)
To pay a fine(penalty)
Fine gold(pure)
Fine thread(slander)
A fine friend(excellent)
A fine discussion(not easily distinguishable)
A fine needle(thin)
A fine baby(well-formed)

Hard :
Hard facts(not disputable)
Hard cash(in silver, etc, not in paper)
Hard life(difficult)
Hard water(unfit for washing purposes)
Hard by(close)
A hard taskmaster(strict)
Hard up(in want)
Hard of hearing(deaf)

Hight words(angry)
High berth(noble)
A high court(supreme)
A high opinion(favourable)
A high spirit(enterprising)
High life(of the upper classes)
On the high seas(ocean)
High time(far advanced, full)
High treason(against the state)
High living(luxurious)
The Most High(God)

A light coin(wanting in weight)
A light engine(without carriages)
Light Brigade(carrying light weapons)
Light work(easily done)
Light heart(cheerful)
Light soil(porous)
Light footed(nimble)
Light woman(of evil character)
Light food(easily digested)
Light sleep(easily distributed)
Light reading(not serious)
Light fingers(good at stealing)
Men of light(learning)
Make light of (treat as of no consequences)
In the light of these facts(with the help of)
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