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11 th English, 2 The Sower

Here is worksheet for students for practice of this poem

Q. 1 Global understanding 

Mention the qualities of the Sower or the farmer depicted in the extract

Q. 2 Interpretation or inference

Explain the following line

Black and high, his silhouette dominates the furrows deep

Q. 3 personal response

Why should we respect the farmers and their hard work?

Q. 4 Poetic device

Name and explain figure of speech

1 . darkness deepens
2. but a sower lingers still.

Q. 5 Compose a four line poem on Indian farmer

Poetic Appreciation 

Q Write poetic appreciation of the poem The Sower using following points
1. About the poet
2. Theme
3. Poetic device . language, style
4. values , message
5. Special features
5. Your opinion about the poem


  1. About the poet: The poem The Sower was originally written in French by the famous writer Victor Hugo , a novelist and poet. The poem was translated by Indian poetess Toru Dutt
  2. Theme: The poem depicts the noble figure of a farmer who toils in his farm, dedicates his life for farming, takes care of the farm like his child still he is away from any expectation and ambition
  3. poetic device, language and style:  The language used here is simple , lucid and clear without any complicated expressions. we find poetic device like alliteration imagery and inversion which add beauty to the poem and nobility of the farmer.
  4. Values and message: This poem gives a great message inviting a great respect toward the farmer. It acquaint the true condition of the farmer who dedicates their life for others bread and butter but lives a simple life away from any luxury.
  5. Special features: The poem is set around the sunset  as the expressions like sunlight dying fast and twilight hastens are the proof of it.
  6. My opinion about the poem: I think the poet has truly depicted the hardwoking portrait of the farmer who lives for ohters. It forces us to acquaint their real condition.


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