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11 English There is another Sky

Here is a worksheet for this wonderful poem

Global Understanding question 

Describe two gardens mentioned in the poem

Interpretation question:

compare and contrast the two  feelings expressed in the poem

personal response question

Do you think nature is responsible to change our feelings or mood? Justify your answer 

poetic device

Q Name and explain figure of speech
1. There is another sky
2. I hear the bright bee hum
3. My brother into my garden come
4. Mind faded forests

Compose a poem by adding your two lines

There is another sky
Ever serene and fair


Poetic Appreciation:

About the poet and poem:
This wonderful poem is written by Emily Dickenson having philosophical touch. This poem invites a great motivation ,title seems to be complex but brings out a great motivation and comfort for the confused distressed hearts.

Here the poetess depicts two human feelings one is discomfort an another is comfort. She mentions that everyone has certain feelings which invites stress but it doesn’t mean that there is no option, just it needs outlook or attutude to think differently.

poetic style, language: The language here mentioned here is simple but it has philosophical touch. Here we find the examples of alliteration like faded forests, the bright bee etc. The another sky is the example of hyperbole and inversion example like my brother into my garden come.

Special Features:

This sonnet contains fourteen lines first of eight lines and six lines in second stanza. The first eight lines are octave and following six lines are sestet. The rhyme scheme is abbaabba for octave and sestet has cdcded

Messsage: This poem is the best motivation specially for the people who have lost hope in life. They should know that every cloud has a silver lining. Every depression has end but we should change out outlook and attitude.




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