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4. Worksheet / ClassTest – Tenses

1. Yesterday I _________my teacher. *
a) meet
b) meets
c) met
d) will meet
2. Do you _______ what I mean? *
a) Understood
b) understands
c) understanding
d) understand
3. I was very thirsty. I ___________ the water very quickly. *
a) Drink
b) drank
c) drunk
d) will drunk
4. The television was on but nobody ________ it. *
a) Is watching
b) watch
c) watching
d) was watching
5. She told me her name but I __________ it. *
a) have forgotten
b) forgot
c) was forgotting
d) is forgotten
6 I don’t know where Kiran is. Have you _________ her? *
a) Saw
b) seeing
c) seen
d) see
7. It’s raining. Don’t go out. You ____________ her? *
a) Gets
b) will get
c) will be get
d) will be getting
8 Water _______ most of the Earth’s surface. *
a) Cover
b) covering
c) is covered
d) cover
9. We __________ not to go alone. *
a) Was advised
b) advises
c) were advised
d) advice
10. While I was on holiday, my camera___________ *
a) Was stole
b) was stolen
c) steal
d) were stolen
11. These girls ___________ dancing lessons everyday. *
a) Take
b) taking
c) took
d) was taking
12. These earth _________ round the sun. *
a) Revolve
b) is revolving
c) revolves
d) revolved
13. At this time tomorrow they _________ to Pune.
a) Were going
b) are going
c) will go
d) will be going
14. A holiday __________ by students. *
a) Will enjoy
b) enjoys
c) will be enjoyed
d) will enjoyed
15. Does your friend _________ you often? *
a) Visit
b) visits
c) visited
d) visiting
16. They ________ they lesson tomorrow. *
a) Learn
b) will learn
c) are learning
d) learnt
17. I don’t like working when it _________ *
a) Is raining
b) rains
c) raining d) was raining
18. Have you ________ money in the bank? *
a) Deposit
b) deposits
c) depositing
d) deposited
19. The patient _______ before the doctor came. *
a) Had died
b) have died
c) died
d) will die
20. Birds usually _________ nests in the tree. *
a) Builds
b) are building
c) build
d) building
Answer Key:
1. C. Met

2. D. Understand
3. B. Drank
4. D. was watching
5. B. forgot
6. C. seen
7. B. will get
8. D. cover
9. C. were advised
10. B. was stolen
11. A. Take
12. C. Revolves
13. D. will be going
14. C. will be enjoyed
15. A. Visit
16. B. will learn
17. B. rains
18. D. deposited
19. A. Had died
20. C. Build
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