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The word that qualifies noun or pronoun is called adjective, lets discuss its types.

The word that qualifies or tells about noun or pronoun is called adjective.

Types of adjectives

   Proper adjective – Indian, American, Chinese

For ex: He is an Indian

   Adjective of quality – Good boys, Brave soldier, Kind man

They are very brave.

   Adjective of quantity – Some, Little, Half, Enough

There is some water.

 Adjective of number – One, Two, Three, Four

We saw four people.

Definite numerals  Cardinals – One, Two, Three

Ordinals –First, Second, Third   

It is the first case

  Indefinite numerals – All, Many, Few, Some

We saw some people

   Distributive Adjective – Each, Every, Either, Neither

    Interrogative Adjective – Which plant do you like?

  What class do you read?

 Demonstrative Adjective – This, That, These, Those

  Possessive Adjective – His house, Her problems

We saw their house.

I respect your problems.

 Exclamatory Adjective – Wonderful! What an idea! What a player!

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