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Noun is a naming word, it is the name of person , thing,etc,, lets discuss its types.

A noun is a naming word. It is the name of person, thing, animal etc.

Example : Kalidas, gold, tiger, Nanded.

Exercise (State kind of noun)

  1. The crowdwas waiting of the leader.
  2. The Taj Mahalis in India.
  3. Don’t tell a lie to your friend.
  4. We love truthand honesty.
  5. The elephantis a wise animal.
  6. They saw an elephantin the forest.
  7. There was no waterin the lake.
  8. Ironis more useful than gold.
  9. He has joined the army.
  10. Foodand water were denied to the prisoner.


  1. Collective noun, common noun
  2. Proper noun, Proper noun
  3. Abstract noun, common noun
  4. Abstract noun, Abstract noun
  5. Common noun, common noun
  6. Common noun, common noun
  7. Material noun, common noun
  8. Material noun, material noun
  9. Collective noun
  10. Material noun, material noun, common noun
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