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20 Anger – Our Greatest Enemy – A Motivational Story

Once in a certain city, there was a young man. Recently he got a job. He worked hard and the company promoted him as the manger getting pleased with his work. The company also gifted him a wonderful car as an incentive and an award. The young man was very happy. He happily brought the car at home, but being the rainy season, the car was full of mud. The young man cleaned it with water and was preparing for its welcome celebration (Pooja).

Suddenly his young son came, took mud and wrote something at the back glass of the car with the help of mud. The young man was very angry. He angrily slapped him. As he slapped him, his son fell down and was unconscious. He was taken to hospital. The doctor informed that his brain was injured and next 24 hours were very critical. The young man us very upset, he was crying. He came near the window of the hospital. Through window, he saw the car and was quite shocked. At the back of the car, it was written ‘I love you, papa’. The young man was quite angry with himself and was thinking “If I  controlled my anger for some seconds, my son won’t be in hospital”.

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