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67. Worksheet / ClassTest – Change The Voice

change the voice practice paper , worksheet
  1. I bring a flower.
  2. I bring flowers.
  3. I brought a flower.
  4. I brought flowers.
  5. I always bring flowers.
  6. I bring flowers for you.
  7. I will bring flowers.
  8. I should bring flowers.
  9. I have brought a flower.
  10. I have brought flowers.
  11. I had brought flowers.
  12. I am bringing a flower.
  13. I am bringing flowers.
  14. I was bringing a flower.
  15. I was bringing flowers.
  16. Bring flowers.
  17. Don’t bring flowers.
  18. Be ready to bring flowers.
  19. Why does he bring a flowers.
  20. Why does he bring flowers?
  21. Why did he bring a flower?
  22. Why did he bring flowers?
  1. Why will he bring flowers?
  2. Why is he bringing a flower?
  3. Why is he bringing flowers?
  4. Why was he bringing a flower?
  5. Why was he bringing flowers?
  6. Why has he brought a flower?
  7. Why has he brought flowers?
  8. Why had he brought flowers?
  9. Who brought flowers?
  10. Whom did you call?
  11. Do you like flowers?
  12. Did you bring flowers?
  13. Have you brought flowers?
  14. Had you brought flowers?
  15. Are you bringing a flower?
  16. Are you bringing flowers?
  17. Were you bringing a flower?
  18. Have you brought a flower?

                          Answer Key

  1. A flower is brought by me.
  2. Flowers are brought by me.
  3. A flower was brought by me.
  4. Flowers were brought by me.
  5. Flowers are always brought by me.
  6. Flowers are brought for you by me.
  7. Flowers will be brought by me.
  8. Flowers should be brought by me.
  9. A flower has been brought by me.
  10. Flowers have been brought by me.
  11. Flowers had been brought by me.
  12. A flower is being brought by me.
  13. Flowers are being brought by me.
  14. A flower was being brought by me.
  15. Flowers were being brought by me.
  16. Let flowers be brought.
  17. You are asked not to bring flowers.     
  18. You are asked to bring flowers.
  19. Why is a flower brought by him?
  20. Why are flowers brought by him.
  21. Why was a flower brought by him?
  22. Why were flowers brought by him?
  23. Why will flowers be brought by him?
  24. Why is a flower being brought by him?
  25. Why are flowers being brought by him?
  26. Why was a flower being brought by him?
  27. Why were flowers being brought by him?
  28. Why has a flower been brought by him?
  29. Why have flowers been brought by him?
  30. Why had flowers been brought by him?
  31. By whom were flowers brought?
  32. Who was called by you?
  33. Are flowers liked by you?
  34. Were flowers brought by you?
  35. Have flowers been brought by you?
  36. Had you brought flowers?
  37. Is a flower being brought by you?    
  38. Are flowers bring brought by you?
  39. Was a flower being brought by you?
  40. Has a flower been brought by you?


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