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Around the world in 80 days, imp questions and answers

Here is a set of questions along with answers from exam point of view

around the world in 80 days important questions and answers

       Around The World In 80 Days 

Important Questions From Exam point of view

Q. 1 Explain the line from the the light of the extract of the Novel

    Q    Quitters never win and winners never quit

Ans:  This line perfectly suits Fogg, he is the best example of determination and stubbornness. Firstly he accepted the challenge which seems to be highly incredible , no one can imagine to move around the world in 80 days. When he is arrested, he doesnt lose hope. After getting released , he tries every effort to reach London by arranging special train. When Passepartout tells him that today is Saturday, he rushes headlong to the Reform Club. Every time he has positive approach of winning and tries all his best to achieve success and lastly he comes out as winner.

Q .  Time is the only solution to problems

Ans;  Here time plays a great role and throughout the novel it rules. Firstly Fogg accepts the challenge against time, when he reaches Liverpool within time, he is arrested. When he gets released , he loses the train by just half hour. He loses the bet by five minutes. He remains at home respecting the condition , again he is informed that it is Saturday. He wins the bet just by some seconds. In this way , we observe the role of time every time, sometimes it cheats, sometimes it pleases. In this way we have to admit that time plays hide and seek with us and we have to give time to get time 

Q. 2 Write the central idea of the given extract of the novel ‘ Around the world in 80 Days’
Ans: The central idea of the novel moves around the hide and seek of the influence of time. It shows how Fogg wins the incredible bet of moving around the world in 80 days. He has to face many obstacles while challenging the race but lastly succeeds in his mission. This novel emphasizes the power of time and its role. It also depicts a great message that love and affection is more important than money and any other gains of life.

Q. 3 Write in brief the theme of the extract

Ans:  The greatest role is played by Time and it is the greatest theme of the novel. Phileas Fogg accepts the incredible wager or bet , tries all his best to win the bet but time cheats his every time , sometimes shows pleasure and sometimes pain. He arrives in time at Liverpool but cannot continue the journey . Again he gets released , tries to catch the train but he missed it by some minutes. Catching a special train he reaches London but lost the race by five minutes inviting failure for him. Again he came to know that it is Saturday, he rushes to the Reform Club and wins the bet just for a few seconds. 

Q 4 Explain the thrilling climax of the novel

Ans: When Passepartout was sent to call the priest for the wedding, he came with the shocking news that it was Saturday whereas they considered it as Sunday. They gained one day while travelling towards the East . Actually they reached the destination prior to time but unknown to it , they lamented over the loss. When Passepartout came with the reality announcing that they can win the bet, they rushed to the Reform Club and succeeded in fulfilling their goal . In this way, time gave fruit of Fogg’s efforts and determination.

Q .5  Write character sketch of the following 

1 ) Philleas Fogg:  He is a man of self respect and discipline. He is a determined person and believes in doing incredible tasks as he accepts the wager which is almost impossible . He seems to be calm and patient. He respects the influence of time and believes in giving time to solve the crisis of time. He has a great patience while tackling challenges or problems. He never takes decision in excitement. He has tremendous self control and self dignity. He seems to be unselfish and generous. He gives priority to humanity , affection and love. He is not greedy for money. He is stubborn and determined to fulfil the challenges.

2) Passepartout: He is one of the most influential character of this novel. After Fogg , this characters shines with his skills and certain qualities. He is very loyal to his master. He dedicates his loyalty wherever it needs. He has loving nature , care for everyone. He takes care of his master in his crisis and maintains his calmness. He is very prompt as he runs to home announcing their mistake about the day.  He is very unselfish as he doesnt expect additional charges from his master. He is emotional as he cries for his mistake .


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