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The Sign Of Four , Imp questions and answers

Here are some important questions related to the novel with answers

the sign of four questions and answers

The Sign Of Four

Important Questions and Answers

Q. 1 Write in brief the theme of the extract

Ans: The theme of the novel moves around the Agra treasure. All characters are centralized around it. Here Mary Morstan searches her father, she receives s pearl every year  , later she receives a letter from an unknown writer about the meeting. Sherlock Holmes is requested to investigate  the matter. Now the suspense continues with the deduction of Sherlock Holmes about the unknown writer. They go to that appointed place in search of the unknown writer of the letter 

Q. 2 Write the central idea of the novel

Ans: The central idea of the novel is the meeting of  Mary Morstan with Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, her concern about the letter she received , her narration of the pearls. She tells about her father, her visit to the hotel. It is also about Sherlock Holmes deduction from the  handwriting , his guess about the writer. Later It tells about their visit to the destination of the unknown writer of the letter. It is also about Watson attraction toward Mary .

Q. 3 Describe the character of Mary Morstan from Dr Watson’s point of view

Ans: When I met Mary Morstan, she was in simple dress, she seems to be a person of limited talk. Her expressions were pleasant and cheerful. She seems to be emotional and sensitive. She may be around 27. Though she suffers a lot, she still maintains her cool attitude. Her eyes are sympathetic and because of her features and behaviour, I was greatly impressed

Q. 4 Sherlock Holmes is a leading character of the novel. Explain

Ans:It is absolutely true that Sherlock Holmes is a leading character of the novel as the entire novel moves around him and his investigation. Mary Morstan approaches him to solve the mystery of the letter, she requests him to tackle the case as she is very confused and frightened. Holmes later was the prominent person to find out details of the letter, deducted from the handwriting, guided Mary further proceedings . Later he takes the leading role to search Sholto, followed the criminal and later plucked out the mystery. In short , he is responsible to solve the mystery of the novel.

Q. Basically the setting oof the extract is in London but it has some references of India too. Explain how the settings of the extract contribute to the theme of the novel.

Ans: Yes it is true, the basic setting of the novel is in London as most of the major incidents belongs to London. Mary comes to meet Holmes in London at Bakers street, she gives the reference of her father who came to London from India to meet her daughter on Holidays. Major Sholto was mentioned in London who was from India attending service in Bombay Infantry. The paper they got was from India. The letter that Mary received was from London. Jonathan Small  gives reference of Agra fort , India. He mentioned Andamans for his arrest. The door for the trio was opened by an Indian servant.In this way , we find reference of London and India.

Q. You really are an automation , a calculating machine -elaborate the following lines in the light of the novel or extract The sign of Four

Ans: This reference is made by Dr Watson for Sherlock Holmes. Dr Watson was attracted to the beauty of Mary Morstan. He appreciated her beauty and cheerfulness in front of Holmes. When he mentions expressions related to her beauty, he expects that Holmes would agree with him but Holmes mentions that he didn’t notice her beauty nor looked at her from that point of view. Dr Watson gets annoyed and calls him a calculating machine

Q. Write character sketch 

  1. Sherlock Holmes: He is the prominent character of the novel, entire novel moves around him. He is a man of qualities. He is full of curiosity and speculations. He is polite by nature and well mannered. He is a very intelligent man and surely a methodical one. He is very skillful and prompt in action. He is precise and has good observation skill. He has a great patience and perseverance. He tackles every situation skillfully. He has respect for ladies. He is a very practical man who doesn’t involve in emotions. 
  2. Dr Watson: After Holmes, he is the second prominent character of the novel. He is very loyal to Holmes and supports his friend wholeheartedly. He has good observation skill. He accepts his inability wherever he finds himself weak. He frankly accepts his weakness and ask for solution. We observe him pessimistic sometimes. He is courteous by nature and well mannered.  Sometimes he is observed impatient by nature.


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