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Std.12 | English | Blog Writing

This question appears for four marks

blog writing

Points to remember
1]      Follow the proper format
2]      Write the date, title, intro paragraph and main body with correct sequence.
3]      Take care of tense, punctuation rules, grammatical structure .
4]      Use the given format.

Write a blog on Cycling.
The Best Exercise with the help of following points
          1]      Safety equipment
          2]      Best exercise
          3]      Benefits

Among all the exercises, swimming is called as the king of exercise followed by cycling . Cycling has uncountable health benefits that’s why everyone should adopt cycling as their priority exercise.
          The greatest benefit of cycling is weight loss. Yes it is true, we can maintain ideal weight by regular cycling. It improves our metabolism. It  strengthens are leg muscles. It develops our a petite. Regular  cycling controls proper level of cholesterol. Regular cycling keeps our heart active and develop its mechanism cycling, walking and swimming are the most prescribed exercises regular cycling makes us slim and keeps us away from high risk diseases like diabeties, high blood pressure etc.

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