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Care After Corona Vaccination

Now its time to take vaccination, here are some things about vaccination, need of vaccination, care after vaccination and efficiency of vaccination

Care After Vaccination

As corona virus patients are increasing day by day, vaccination is showing a ray of hope. Vaccination is showing its efficiency as those who have taken vaccination are the least sufferers.

After taking 2 dose of vaccination, resistance power gets enriched and suppose corona attacks you, the severity is negligible or mild.

That’s why, the doctors have suggested to go for vaccination without any hesitation or confusion.
Effects after Vaccination :
1. Very minor risk of corona. (95% mostly no risk)
2. No mortality is observed.
3. Less expenditure on treatment if you become the victim of corona.
4. After first vaccination, second dose is expected after 7 to 8 weeks.
5. No severe symptoms, patient will be cured at home with medication.

Mild Suffering After Vaccination

Some people may suffer mild temperature, mild body pain, headache after vaccination but the percentage of the sufferers is negligible. (May be one from 50 or 100)
Care Before Vaccination :
1. Don’t take unnecessary tension.
2. Don’t listen to negative mentality people.
3. Don’t take medicine without doctors suggestion.
4. Avoid liquor or wine.
Care After Vaccination :
1.Take rest if possible.
2. Drink lot of water to avoid dehydration.
3. If suffers headache, mild temperature, body pain, take medicine given by the doctors.
(Generally at vaccination centres, they provide such basic medicines.
4. Don’t worry about the swelling, redness at the vaccinated injected place.
5. Avoid heavy work, long travelling after vaccination.

Very Important

Avoid liquor (drinks) or smoking as far as possible after vaccination.

What Happens After Vaccination?

“After taking first vaccination, positive results are observed after 15 days. Second dose is called as Booster dose that is expected to be taken after 7 to 8 weeks.
After taking both doses, positive result is observed after 30 to 35 days.”
1. Be positive regarding vaccination.
2. Only vaccination will control the intensity of corona evil.
3. Apart from vaccination, don’t stop taking basic care like using mask, keeping 5 to 6 feet distance, avoid crowded place, washing your hands regularly.
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