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Dress Etiquettes- Important part of our Personality

Our dressing plays a great role in the development of our personality, here are some tips to maintain the etiquettes of dressing to improve our personality

How to choose dressing dress etiquettes

Our dressing is always our first impression, we are sometimes known  by our dressing and its features.  It is rightly said by someone , we can judge a man’s behaviour from his or her dressing , that is the impact of dressing . 

 Nowadays personality has been tackled a great issue in every field , may be at  professional or non professional level. Actually the concept of personality invites a wide range of discussion, but the most important feature of our personality is our dressing. The first impression of any person is dressing and remaining features are considered later.

 It ‘s very simple , we cannot change our skin colour but we can take care of our dressing.

Believe it or not, there is a great connection between our skin colour and the colour of  our dressing.

Whenever we meet someone, he or she firstly looks at our dressing and facial expression
The following Tips will surely help you to maintain the protocol of dress etiquettes.

 Casual Dressing :
While selecting our dress, we have to think about our height, slimness or fatness, colour of our skin, body features as some people slightly bend while walking naturally or habitually, etc. While selecting our Casual dress , most important is our height.  If height is less, don’t prefer loose or baggy dress, better go for slim fit  dress. If height is appropriate, go for slight loose or slim fit dress, if the person is fat in appearance, dont prefer too loose dress. such people shouldn’t prefer readymade dress, better they should go for expertise tailored dress. Once again, point should be underlined, body features are not in our hand, but dress selection is surely in our hand. Casual dress may be casual but its features shouldnt be casual.

Formal Dress:

The name formal itself suggests that the dress should have formal etiquettes. It should be perfect according to our profession, as teachers have to put on certain formal dress avoiding gaudy appearance as students follow them , the doctors, officials and many others have to put on dressing respecting their profession. In this category, gaudy or fancy clothes are not respected or appreciated. Mostly plain , small lining, small box shapes or informally called checks are preferred. In office , we have to meet hundreds of people each day, our first impression is our dressing, people judge our nature or behaviour by our dressing, that’s why we should be very careful regarding our dress protocol in office. Clean, pleasant dress makes our listener comfortable in communication.

At any cost, formal dress should suit the profession. It is expected that too loose  or too gaudy or fancy shouldn’t be preferred. Slim fit or perfect body shape dressing should be followed. 

If you have to put on suit at office, go for black or slight navy blue colour respecting skin colour .
Nowadys there is a great trend of blazer , mostly blazer should be chosen in dark shade opposite to the inside shirt.

Very Important:
Our dressing develops our confidence while talking to others.  Neat, clean and well mannered dressing cast a great impression on others. We experience an invisible confidence while talking to others if our dressing is perfect.

Very Important:
As we discussed above , there is a very close connection between our skin colour and dressing. Those people who have fair skin, any dark coloured dress suit them, remaining people have to put on faint and white based bright coloured dress avoiding too gaudy or very bright colours.

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