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Don’t Underestimate your Value- A Motivational Story ( 11. A Motivational Story)

Generally we consider ourselves weak to some extent, this mentality hinders our progress, here is a motivational story based on this mentality, after reading this story , you will never underestimate yourself.

A motivational story

                                                              Don’t Underestimate Your Value

           Once an active speaker was giving a lecture on importance of motivation in our life. Lot of individuals were listening his speech enthusiastically, within the mid of the session ,one curious listener from the audience stood up and said, ” Why can we feel that we will not do certain work? Why can we develop such mentality?”
          The speaker welcomed this question by praising him. He took out a note of 100 rupees from his wallet and asked, ” what’s this? ” The people answered, ” 100 rupees.” The speaker said,” Good, now i will be able to rub it, now tell me its cost now.” The audience replied as 100 rupees. The speaker applied little mud thereon and asked about its cost, again the people replied 100 rupees. Now the speaker sprinkled little amount of water thereon and asked its cost. The audience once more gave an equivalent answer.
        The speaker said, ” this is often the solution of the query asked by the person, circumstances within the sort of mud, water tried to spoil the worth of the note, but it remained an equivalent within the same manner ,in our life , circumstances within the sort of problems, difficulties, failure, negative thoughts attempt to spoil our mentality but we shouldn’t underestimate our worth . He further said, ” Actually we will achieve great but we underestimate ourselves by saying ourselves that we will not .” we should always know our worth and check out to take care of in any condition.

Moral: We can achieve an excellent , just we’ve to respect our worth , If we do not value ourselves, how can people respect our value?

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