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Dust Of Snow – Summary and Main points

This is a very inspiring and symbolic poem by Robert Frost , here is the summary of this poem along with main points

             Dust Of Snow ( CBSE 10th)

It is a very symbolic as well as a simple poem by Robert Frost , it has a deeper meaning expressing the importance of small things which change the course of our mentality.

              Here the poet recalls  a small incident that is responsible to change his mood. Once he was in depression or annoyed. He was standing under a hemlock tree. There was a crow sitting on the hemlock tree, suddenly it shook  its feathers and tree. As a result , the snow flakes fell on the poet. This small incident changed the mentality of the poet. 

            As the snow flakes touched the poet and fell on his head, his mood was completely changed. Earlier he was sad or may be in tense, now he was happy or cheerful, in short his mood was refreshed. That day he had rued or was in great tension, but now he forgot his gloomy mood and was quite cheerful. This small incident saved his rest of the day from being wasted in the continuity of depression.


Main Features of the poem:

  • Here the crow and the hemlock tree represent sorrow and evil
  • The dust of snow represent joy and cheerfulness
  • The rhyme scheme is 
           a b a b
  • This poem stands for optimism or hope  and joy 
  • The poem is very brief but its symbolic meaning is very great
  • The message of the poem is that we shouldn’t lose   hope in life and there is always a ray of            hope  or opportunity that waits for us.


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